Welcome! This page will show you how to assemble your 1:200 Delta IV CBC. Follow these instructions carefully, and you will have the starting block with which to build any of the Delta IV configurations.

Tools needed:
Some good music
A lot of free time.

Step 1: Cut out parts 1 and 14 (both). Glue part 14 to the long edge of part 1, so that they overlap, and the line on the middle of the 14s is still visible.
Now, roll the part 1/14 assembly into a tube, using the protruding part 14 as a gluing surface.

Step 2: Fold over the triangular tabs on the ends of part 1, and cut out and glue parts 2 to both ends of part 1.

Step 3: Cut out part 3 and the accompanying glue tab. Glue the tab onto part 3, and then roll part 3 into a cone and glue.

Step 4: Cut out parts 4, 5, 6, and 7, and glue into the notches on part 3. THE PARTS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE! See the picture below for details.

Step 5: Glue the cone onto the AFT end of the main tube (closest to the largest orange segment), as shown. Make sure the seams line up, as shown below.

Step 6: Cut out part 11 and form into a cone. Glue the large end of 11 to the small end of part 3, as shown above, so that the seams line up.

Step 7: Cut out part 8 (main engine nozzle) and form into a cone. Cut out part 9, and form into a cone, with the black (printed) side facing IN. Glue part 9 into part 8, trim away any excess, and go around the edge of the cone with a black marker to hide the paper edge. Then, glue this cone into the small end of part 11, as shown above.

Step 8: Cut out part 10 (roll control system fairing) and glue together as shown below. Glue part 10 to the side of part 3 OPPOSITE the seams, as shown below.

Step 9: Cut out part 12 (liquid oxygen feedline) and form into a tube. Cut out parts 13 (LOX feedline fairings) and form as shown below, and glue to the ends of part 12. Then, glue the assembly to the main tube at the mark on the side of the CBC with the seam, with the red mark on the tube closest to the part 3 at the top (right in the photo below).

Step 10: Cut out part 16 (wiring tunnel) and glue to the line to the left of the seam, about 1mm down from the top. Be sure that the part is aligned such that the end where the bands are closest to the end is closest to the top.

Step 11: Cut out parts 15 (both). Form both into tubes with a diameter of approximately 2mm. Glue to the locations shown below.
1 1

Congratulations! You have finished your Delta IV CBC!

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