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So you think I would know better, I've been modeling for 4 years now, over 300 models, not one injury, but here I am being careless, not thinking and rushing.

Lets see, what's wrong here,... 1) the object I'm cutting is not flat on the cutting board, aka, its unstable. 2) My blade on my exacto knife is out way too far. 3) MY THUMB IS THE DIRECT LINE OF MY CUT LINE!!!!!

What's not visible but also equally important is that my blade was dull. That means that instead of an even smooth cut the blade gets caught up in the paper, and I will put extra pressure on the blade to force it through the paper, eventually breaking through what every the blade is caught on. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb...

I was also excited about finishing and Rushing. NEVER, EVER, RUSH. TAKE YOUR TIME. Just maybe if I wasn't rushing I would of caught at least one of my many, many other stupid oversights...


Seven stiches and a wonderful visit to the Emergency room. Plus I didn't even finish the model. Doc said I was lucky, I only hit Meat and Bone, It would of been a lot worse if I hit any tendons, nerves, or a joint.

So kiddies, adults, and everyone, please remember the number one rule:

Work Slowly and Carefully

That goes for modeling and for life in general,
And for you modelers out there, please make sure your working with sharp knives,dull knives are unpredictable, Work on a flat, stable surface, and for pete's sake keep body parts out of the way of the knife!!

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